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Dans les fusillades qui ont suivi, les islamistes se seraient alors servis d'armes lourdes, selon des temoignages d'habitants, mais peu d'informations ont pu etre obtenues sur la nature des combats.
Fusillades of shots from more than 50 guns sent Raiders off afar,
I don't generally fire off fusillades like this, but I'm truly appalled by how ineptly the new refuse collection scheme has been managed and how much money wasted in the process.
Fast, crisp, rhythmic patterns, and close-to-the-floor footwork, studded with percussive salvos and fusillades, surprise and delight the ear.
Hoysten's dramatic vocals ricochet between spooky gospel and staccato declamations as guitarist Sara Jaffe churns out angular riffs and scrambled, mixmaster-style fusillades.
Today, the war of words over Palestine is as ruthless as the one fought with bombs and tanks, with each side firing off bitter fusillades of prose and propaganda.
38-caliber rounds, that constitute the fusillades in a Barbara Kruger show.
Ian, who dropped the bloodied Englishman for a count of nine in the seventh before two blistering fusillades finished it off, said: "I never even saw fighting at the side of the ring, I thought the booing was for the ref not stopping the fight.
Hitchens: No one who is not for the provision of sex education, contraception, and child care should be allowed to have any position on abortion at all--and those who do should be met with fusillades.
With fusillades of flaming legal briefs punctuating the growing general darkness, the army of southern pine bettles began to move in, sending winged scouts as far as 10 miles in advance of their main force.
7 in Boston and KFMD in Denver recently began spinning the tune, which Rolling Stone reviewer Jon Caramanica predicted would be DJ Sammy's next pop hit, in part due to its "synth fusillades and workout-ready semi-melodic chants.
Dans cet univers sombre et tendu, poursuites spectaculaires, sequences d'actions et de fusillades multiples se succedent a un rythme d'enfer.