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Call centers, especially, are expected to benefit dramatically from Jacada Fusion.
This business of sparking fusion in a bottle sounded incredibly easy as originally described by chemists B.
Within little over one year of operation, with its innovative and nimble approach, Fusion has already established itself as the leading IP Telephony player in Japan, with over 1.
say the helium levels they measured correlate roughly with the amount of heat generated by the fusion reaction.
An early Magma adopter, TI has been instrumental in shaping enhancements to the Blast Fusion system.
Most scientists have written off the Pons-Fleischmann variety of heat-producing cold fusion as a case of wishful thinking overriding scientific judgment, and have dismissed the lower-profile phenomena described by Jones and others as irreproducible or too subtle to justify further time and money
Scientists call the ratio of fusion-power output to heating-power input the "Q-value," and have generally agreed that the time to switch fusion fuels is when all-deuterium fusion power reaches a point that corresponds to projected deuterium-tritium Q-values above 0.
Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann first ignited the cold fusion drama 15 months ago.