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of myth's fusional dreams, because in denying death in the name of
For instance, here is a moment of pure fusional joy, as brothers and sister are reunited: "What do I see?
The screenings for PFV and NFV amplitudes were assessed under the COVS fusional ranges testing option (Figure 2(a)).
These systems comprise diagnostic programs to assess phorias, fixation disparity, fusional vergences and suppression, motor fields, pursuits and saccades, while therapeutic programs provide tasks to treat ocular motility, vergence and accommodative disturbances.
Therefore, it is quite naturally to represent the relationship knowledge unit as a model, which on the one hand can lay the foundation for fusional computation of knowledge and model, and on the other hand can guarantee the integration of models belonging to multidisciplinary and multi-field models in knowledge unit network.
I approached Evelyn Glenn and we came together with Fusional Fragments.
Veicolano due significati, quello del genere e quello del numero, mostrando quanto l'italiano sia a fusional language piu di altre lingue romanze in cui il genere e il numero possono essere espressi da due morfemi differenti.
Primeiramente circular, ela e baseada no compartilhamento fusional das emocoes e no sentimento de que, cada um sendo parte indistinta do todo, o real so e evocado na repeticao da certeza do retorno das coisas a seu lugar esperado, as invocacoes e rituais servem para comunicar sua lembranca.
The replacement of PaoXi by ShenNong is a very important precondition for the later fusional foundation of the Yan-Huang Chinese nation.
Approach to God can only be ethical, can only be "outside of any mysticism," (9) for mysticism is a by-product of autoaffection, natural benevolence, divine instinct, and fusional longing.
Yet the title pays homage to Hughes's music-informed poetic style, and the poem itself is steeped in eroticism figured as fusional and boundary-dissolving.