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On March 31 they claimed to have found a room-temperature route to minuscule levels of nuclear fusion.
The same body of research has evaporated nearly all hope of eventually using cold fusion to generate power, the prospect raised by B.
TI has currently installed Fusion EX at various facilities, and is testing several of its automotive, wireless, DSP and ASIC products on the system.
With Fusion X-Series, LTX delivers exactly the capabilities, cost of test, and time to market that our customers require in today's competitive environment," commented David Tacelli, chief executive officer and president of LTX.
Stanley Pons of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City told a sometimes cheering crowd of more than 7,000 at the American Chemical Society meeting last week that he and British colleague Martin Fleischmann of the University of Southampton stand by their March 23 claim of achieving nuclear fusion in a tabletop experiment at room temperature with up to an eightfold net payoff of energy.
Mysteriously, the Pons/Fleischmann fusion cells emit a mere billionth of the neutrons that would be expected if the normal deuterium-deuterium fusion reactions caused the heat the cells liberate.
After a thorough evaluation of Fusion and competitive offerings, Renesas selected Fusion, citing the tester's scalability and performance as key reasons for its decision.
His March 31 announcement -- and sketchier fusion reports by scientists in Hungary and at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.
Controlled thermonuclear fusion promises to supply a significant portion of the world's electricity by the middle of the 21st century, according to Starpower, a report issued last week by the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), which advises Congress on scientific and technical matters.
The latest results --achieved by a group from LANL, BYU and the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory at Idaho Falls--show an average of 150 fusions of deuterium and tritium nuclei catalyzed by a single muon rather than the one-per-muon or so that earlier predictions expected.