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The same body of research has evaporated nearly all hope of eventually using cold fusion to generate power, the prospect raised by B.
The scientists have reported that more heat energy emerges from their flasks than they put into them in the form of electricity, and thay they detected particles and gamma rays supposedly resulting from heat-producing fusion reactions among the crowded deuterium nuclei.
With Fusion X-Series, LTX delivers exactly the capabilities, cost of test, and time to market that our customers require in today's competitive environment," commented David Tacelli, chief executive officer and president of LTX.
Fusion addresses semiconductor manufacturers' economic and performance requirements today, while enabling their technology roadmap of tomorrow.
Stanley Pons of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City told a sometimes cheering crowd of more than 7,000 at the American Chemical Society meeting last week that he and British colleague Martin Fleischmann of the University of Southampton stand by their March 23 claim of achieving nuclear fusion in a tabletop experiment at room temperature with up to an eightfold net payoff of energy.
Mysteriously, the Pons/Fleischmann fusion cells emit a mere billionth of the neutrons that would be expected if the normal deuterium-deuterium fusion reactions caused the heat the cells liberate.
During our evaluation of ATE solutions for next-generation power management and video devices, Fusion successfully met our performance specifications, and delivered improved test economics," said Teruaki Ogata, then deputy general manager of Renesas Technology's Packaging and Test Technology Division.
The selection of Fusion by an acknowledged market leader like Renesas provides us the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages that Fusion can bring to leading semiconductor manufacturers," said David Tacelli, president and chief operating officer of LTX.
In a press conference following the colloquium, Jones ventured it could be "20 years to never" before the new, bench-top brand of fusion became practical for generating power.
However, to maintain progress toward that goal, the report concludes, the magnetic fusion program that the United States has pursued for the last 40 years as mainly a national project will have to be internationalized.
The latest results --achieved by a group from LANL, BYU and the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory at Idaho Falls--show an average of 150 fusions of deuterium and tritium nuclei catalyzed by a single muon rather than the one-per-muon or so that earlier predictions expected.