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It was not, after all, a thing to make a fuss about; and what could Irwine do for him that he could not do for himself?
But the coroner discovered them, and made a fearful fuss.
At once I jumped up and told the piglet not to make a fuss, for he would be inside of me in half a second; but no one can teach one of these creatures to be reasonable.
From the fuss they made," he said, "the beggars must be awfully hungry.
Some Frogs frequenting the pool heard his lamentation, and said, "What would you do if you had to live here always as we do, when you make such a fuss about a mere fall into the water?
If you won't go and make a fuss, telling what you 'd no right to hear it was so mean to hide and listen; I should think you 'd be ashamed of it
Annette ought to be horse sometimes and not always driver; and Willie may as well make up his mind to let Marion build her house by his, for she will do it, and he needn't fuss about it.
I'll be heartily glad when all this fuss is over and you'll be able to settle down.
It was some time before it got over its vexation; it went boiling and muttering along, fighting with the rotten logs that lie across it, and making far more fuss than was necessary over every root that interfered with it.
Why is such a great fuss made because this Miss Magdalen is going to marry somebody who is older than herself?
I'm sure I'd rather you did than not if it's going to make all this fuss.
It was about a little black spaniel--a rare bit o' breed--as he made a fuss to get.