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WHY all the fuss over John McCririck's remarks at Robin Cook's funeral service What did they expect when they invited this bampot to speak from the pulpit - the big man touching his shoulders and telling mourners that Abbot's Choice was now double carpet for the 6.
Dad Bill, 80, from Stonnall, Staffs, said when he phoned home he "didn't know what the fuss was about".
If told my dad he would make a fuss and it would make it worse.
Dad Bill, 80, from Stonnall, Staffs, said when he phoned home, he "didn't know what the fuss was about".
Fuss, Vice Chairman of Loomis Sayles, will lead investment teams managing the Managers Fixed Income and the Managers High Yield Funds, and the fixed income portion of the Managers Balanced Fund.
Don't these people make you sick to your stomach the way they fuss over their snivelling little things as thoughthey are actual children?
Loomis Sayles Bond Fund (OTC:LSBRX): Dan Fuss may not have as recognizable a name as PIMCO's bond guru Bill Gross, but this bond manager has steered Loomis Sayles Bond (Retail) to a top-decile performance over trailing one-, three-, and five-year periods (compared to its Morningstar Multisector Bond peers, as of March 11).
I don't know what all the fuss was about," she says, "It's the sort of thing I hope to show my grandchildren and say 'Look - Granny's tits once went north.
Yesterday his neighbour and friend Gerry Mulgrew, of Sandyhills, Glasgow, said: "Knowing Bill, he will be embarrassed by all the fuss.
Rock-solid disk defragger Norton Speed Disk has been around for nearly as long as the personal computer, and it does the job without fuss.
Now Putin is saying that he can't see what all the fuss is about.
Because fuss fitted Donald Dewar even less well than those coats he refused to wear and the privileges of his position which he never exploited.