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"Our penguin parsnippers and santa sprouts have been designed to help convince even the fussiest of eaters that veg is something to look forward to, rather than being a battleground at mealtimes."
In my experience, it often seems to be cats with the fussiest appetites that end up requiring exclusion diets, so a bit of teamwork between vet and owner is often required to get a good outcome with these cases.
The Tivoli in XLV guise is responsive and positive, agile enough for the fussiest driver and good-looking enough to admit to it in the car park.
Even the fussiest of eaters learn to love healthy food cooked by our in-house qualified chef."
You just won't find another one like this so hurry up and bring your fussiest client.
As far as the menu is concerned, it has a large variety of dishes that will satisfy even the fussiest of customers.
With over 100 playable computer games ready and waiting, it's pretty much guaranteed that there will be something to entertain the fussiest of little ghouls and boys.
From bags to beard grooming, EMMA JOHNSON makes finding gifts for the fussiest of fellas a breeze.
Their scrumptious festive range includes traditional festive favourites as well as seafood, vegetarian and free from options making their range suitable for even the fussiest of pallets.
I had hardwood floors, polished concrete ceilings, accent pieces to please the fussiest urbanism, expansive windows affording me a view down one of Chicago's iconic streets, and a mini bar stocked not with mass-produced snacks and second-class wine but artisanal, locally made munchies--and a split of Veuve Clicquot.
His chart also shows a powerful link with music, such that when he's an infant, his parents will learn classical music - especially Mozart - will calm even the fussiest mood.