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So rather than being told off for fussily trying to dress your man, use this Valentine's as an excuse to get him to throw out the his old slacks.
Charles declares himself "alone" - Prince Philip's gone too - although Camilla (Penelope Beaumont) is fussily at his shoulder.
Megaton's deft visual flourishes keep us involved for a time, but even his best efforts are soon unable to distract us from the emerging fact that this third edition in the film series has become too fussily complicated for its own good.
Several months after his wife's death, grumpy old Fred (Christopher Plummer) moves into his own New Orleans apartment with the less-than-welcome assistance of his daughter, Lydia (Marcia Gay Harden), who fussily attends to Dad's every concern even as she and her husband (Chris Noth) try to coax him into donating $90,000 to a hopeless business venture.
After fussily instructing the brigade commander to move a platoon here and a platoon there, he uttered another of the Indian Army's 'Famous Last Words' when he told the brigade commander before leaving the front:"It's your battle now." 7 Brigade was routed at Namkachu.
From the fussily decorated premises in the winding, old town alleys to the giant Ferris wheel, the magnificent marina, museums, art galleries and the magical market selling delightful handicrafts, this is Christmas posh.
The dark patterning on the fabric is hair--the stuff that we fussily coif when it's still attached to us and pick off disgustedly when it's not.
Taylor's impressively turgid English History: 1914-1945, I found, suspended in the tepid depths of all the fussily annotated tables and statistics, a sentence that all but knocked me out of my chair.
He'd horribly skewed the data--by carefully snapping the cookie in half, eating half, and fussily setting aside the other half "for after my lunch," as he'd explained it to the baffled and badly burned researchers when they returned to the room.
Simon takes a hotel room, fussily furnishing it with roses.
For many years he has been the best referee in England, and some of the reasons are that he allows games to flow, does not punish players fussily for trivial infringements, but does stop play and produce cards whenever it is necessary to ensure the safety of players.