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Total quantity or scope: Collective procurement of three turntable ladders DLA (K) 23/12 for the Freiw fire departments Bad Griesbach, Bad Fussing and Eging am See to tender Lot 1.
The amount of crying in all children fell with the babies taking the probiotic supplement fussing for an average of 49 minutes more every day.
Researchers based in Australia and Canada set out to determine whether the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri reduces crying or fussing in 167 breastfed and formula fed infants with colic aged less than three months old.
But the biggest study yet found that this did not reduce periods of crying or fussing.
The crime was actually the staff, fussing over a tiny puppy.
These practices of old - such as promptly meeting the needs of a fussing baby - help a child grow up to be better adults, but that is not the case with some "modern" practices, Narvaez says.