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You see," observed Geppetto, "that I was right when I told you that one must not be too fussy and too dainty about food.
Well, papa need n't be so fussy," said Fan, petulantly.
Professor Porter had already disappeared into the jungle, whither he was being followed by the fussy Samuel T.
She's a little fussy, you know, and afraid of growing old, being a widow and still in her prime.
I thought you would do all that fussy part and take care of the pounds, as you call them.
Inglethorp's own doctor, a portly, fussy little man, came bustling in.
On the spot where I had heard the cry for help from the burning room, on the spot where the panic-stricken servant had dropped on his knees, a fussy flock of poultry was now scrambling for the first choice of worms after the rain; and on the ground at my feet, where the door and its dreadful burden had been laid, a workman's dinner was waiting for him, tied up in a yellow basin, and his faithful cur in charge was yelping at me for coming near the food.
not two paces away," Simonov repeated, accompanying me to the front door with a fussy air which did not suit him at all.
They could not understand that I have not the necessary qualifications for it- the kind of good-natured, fussy shallowness necessary for the position.
The Doctor, in his hey-day, had been cool over great things, but now, in his retirement, he was fussy over trifles.
And by ten o'clock we were quit of Genoa; the last lean, blue-chinned official had left our decks; the last fruitseller had been beaten off with bucketsful of water and left cursing us from his boat; the last passenger had come aboard at the last moment--a fussy graybeard who kept the big ship waiting while he haggled with his boatman over half a lira.
Suppose it is rather fussy and provoking, like all good housekeepers, --it can at any moment render an account of its disbursements.