future payment

See: credit
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In IPL, customers with suspect credit paid deposits to a utility company to secure future payment of electric bills.
The prepaid system aligns provider incentives with those of health care purchasers (accountability and outcomes are promoted), is more externally focused, encourages long-term partnerships between payers and providers, is in alignment with expected future payment systems, and may have some administrative advantages.
No amount representing any possible future payment from C is includible in B's estate; at the same time, the estate is not entitled to deduct the possibility of future payments to the contractor.
It also would require additional amounts to be accrued for salary related payments associated with the future payment of compensated absences (for example, the employer's share of Social Security and Medicare taxes).
The IRS has taken the position in Letter Ruling 9344038 that income did not result when an employee obtained, without the employer's involvement or participation, an insurance policy to secure the future payment of nonqualified deferred compensation benefits.
3m) payment to Tekmira in consideration for reducing certain future payments associated with the product candidates.
Repayment of the bonds will be made from future payments in lieu of tax receipts from the major redevelopment efforts occurring in Harrison.

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