future relatives

See: posterity
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"This is about history for me, a kind of limited immortality that creates an intimate personal experience for my future relatives who want to know where they came from."
Examining Mvskoke (Muscogee) community through the lens of futurity enables speculation about the future that ancestors desired and the people desire, and how to create something future relatives will want and need.
Benge is bummed she won't be able to buy the certificates for any future relatives.
"Then he accused me and my son of spreading rumors about the girl's reputation." The suggestion of his daughter undergoing a medical exam--even if it was a routine blood analysis--struck Abu Salim's future relatives as a potential affront to their family's good name.
Some famous detectives pop up in the most unusual times and places: Pinkerton detectives in time-travel vessels, Sherlock Holmes being credited to one of Doyle's future relatives because the stories were deemed too frivolous and unprofitable.
Come to think of it, you don't need such a momentous occasion as meeting future relatives to flex your etiquette muscles.

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