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In addition, the company works with over 200 partners, including SHI International, AVANT, Intelisys, CDW Corporation, Softchoice, Invite Networks, and Alphaserve Technologies, to help extend Fuzes market reach and provide the high-quality customer support that is critical for growth and market share gains in the fragmented cloud communications and collaboration markets.
This dual purpose fuze is used for High Explosive as well as cargo rounds.
Delivery of the fuzes is anticipated to occur beginning in late 2016 through 2017.
The all-electronic FMU-139D/B will deliver game changing capabilities in the areas of reliability, increased fuze functionality, and added capability to defeat hard and deeply buried targets.
These MEMS fuzes work at the micro-level, interfacing with munitions at the macro-level, as exemplified by one developed for mortars.
In my mind, I began to realize I had a partially or fully armed fuze on my pad, and I quickly snatched the safing pin away from the young Airman and told him to evacuate as well.
Protest is sustained where, under a solicitation that indicated that when rating proposals under the technical evaluation factor particular importance would be placed on the similarity of the items previously produced to the grenade fuze being procured, the record does not support the agency's ultimate determination that the awardee's experience producing part of a different fuze was nearly identical to the experience of the protester in producing the fuze being procured here such that both offerors were entitled to the same "excellent" rating.
Due to an unacceptable dud rate because of deformation of a 6061-T6 stamped aluminum fuze housing (the mechanical switch that activates the grenades launched from the MLRS rocket), a diecast fuze housing design was evaluated.
Only Accudyne, its parent company, and Hughes Aircraft were assembling land-mine fuzes.
During recent lot acceptance tests, randomly selected PGK fuzes met all acceptance criteria for accuracy and reliability while also performing required fuze functions with a perfect safety record.
Orbital ATK (NYSE: OA), a provider of aerospace and defence technologies, announced on Wednesday that it has received an award totalling USD426m for first article test and qualification and production of FMU-139D/B fuzes and fuze accessories.
Kaman Corporation (NYSE:KAMN) announced today that its aerospace segment has been awarded a contract modification in the amount of USD58 million for the procurement of Joint Programmable Fuzes (JPF).