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With the signing of the $69 million second option, Orbital ATK will deliver PGK fuzes through 2019.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 20, 2015-Kaman gets USD23m joint programmable fuze order
The fuzes fitted to artillery projectiles have traditionally been of four types--point-detonating, point-detonating delay, time and proximity.
Second, the fuze industry, as it was prior to 1975, was almost entirely an offset of the horological industries, especially regarding the mechanical out-of-line safe timers and the mechanical time air-burst fuzes for artillery.
Spain, through Instalaza, also appears to have taken the problem very seriously but with a difference as it could well be one of the only--if not the only--manufacturer able to supply fully tested fuzes before their introduction into a weapon.
Delivery of fuzes is anticipated to occur in 2015 and 2016.
With the development of 'smart' mortar rounds, a new level of complexity can be added to fuzes. The Talley Defense Systems XM984 Extended Range Mortar Cartridge rocket-assisted 120 mm mortar round is designed to carry a payload of 54 M80 submunitions over ranges of up to eleven km.
"We believe the JPF is the most reliable bomb fuze in the US military's arsenal.
This all-electronic FMU-139D/B will deliver game changing capabilities in the areas of reliability, increased fuze functionality, as well as added capability to defeat hard and deeply buried targets, the company added.
To strengthen its own compelling communications and collaboration applications feature set, Fuze leverages a strong technology ecosystem to enable integrations that allow its customers to innovate, customize, and differentiate.
Reengineering the housing enables the Army to avoid electronic fuzes and housings, which cost nearly $10/unit.
DAAA-09-03-R-0002, for M549A1 40-millimeter (mm) grenade fuzes. Kaman Dayron, the incumbent contractor, challenges the technical evaluation primarily on the basis that the agency unreasonably considered Kaman Dayron's experience and that of AMTEC to be equal.