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Our S&A design will enable the integration of sensors and electronics with a fuzing device in a compact volume [fraction of a cubic inch].
Junghans, however, will remain a long-term supplier of fuzes and fuze-related products to Royal Ordnance Defence, which nevertheless continues to have a stake in Diehl's course-corrected fuzing system.
This is a major award for our division, further expanding our product portfolio and helping us diversify beyond our traditional role as an ammunition fuzing provider," said Joe Homko, President of L-3 BT Fuze.
Orbital ATK is the leader in fuzing systems, delivering more than 155,000 sensors to the U.
BT Fuze and KDI are synergistic fuzing engineering and development businesses and we will look to Joe's extensive management skills and munitions industry experience for continued growth in this important segment.
The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) recently completed an important test for the W88 ALT 370, an alteration to replace the Arming, Fuzing, and Firing assembly of the W88-0/Mk 5, a warhead in its third decade of life.