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Fuzz and FilmCrave are the first two matchmine partners to go live with the matchmine Media Discovery Platform, empowering users to actively discover new and engaging content tailored to their unique preferences.
Fuzz Townshend of Bentley Rhythm Ace is so mad about buses he has just bought his own fulized 1978 double decker.
Consumers embraced the Mammoth, quickly making it one of our core styles, so the expansion of new fuzz lineup only makes sense as we move into the cooler seasons.
In less than three months, the Fuzz community has grown exponentially, mainly through word of mouth.
Willenhall Community Primary School teachers Jimmy Elliott, above, and Geoff Hay show off their facial fuzz
Fuzz joined Midlands indie band Pop Will Eat Itself in 1991 and went on to form Bentley Rhythm Ace in January 1997.
FUZZ PRIZE: The Tower of London, right, and, above, kepi and curls; WAXED WONDERS: Three of the entries in the championships; STUBBLE: Hansen
It reportedly has minimal catenary, fuzz, and static build-up during chopping.
Obtaining the best possible test coverage is the key in effective fuzz testing.
HyperGrid technology results in interconnect solutions that offer the same tiny form factor, high node count and stackability features required in many micro-miniature applications, without the electrical, repeatability or cost limitations associated with other technologies such as pogo pins, fuzz buttons, and conductive elastomers.
Before the dogs are adopted, they are exposed to other dogs to determine if they are sociable, and must pass a rigorous exam by ``Furby the Test Cat,'' a no-nonsense fuzz ball that refuses to play games.