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Iwan is a real 70s-sounding ELO-style number and The Fathom Line is a fuzzier Teenage Fanclub.
Laney has even proposed various methods to value corporate information--you can choose from fuzzier non-financial valuations such as IVI (intrinsic value of information) or MVI (market value of information), a more bottom-line technique based on how much someone is willing to pay.
poem, epic poem, verse novel - are just getting fuzzier.
For commercial items under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 12, we are hard pressed to give examples where the government would not be best served by a fixed-price contract, but once you leave the commercial arena and move into the realm of nondevelopmental or developmental items or services, the line between fixed and cost type contract becomes much fuzzier.
The specifics may have gotten fuzzier, but the long-term outlook is crystal clear: The Fed is going to tread very carefully in slowing down the QE program.
Enter the number of drinks as you go along and watch the display become fuzzier and fuzzier to match your level of inebriation.
Meanwhile, the private benefactors who were once clear about the need to fund and support HBCUs in an era of segregation are rapidly disappearing as the HBCU mandate message becomes fuzzier and fuzzier.
Yet, the OECD view of what "best practices" in government ought to look like are fuzzier than the Washington Consensus, for example, but Pal notes that it is comprised of a complex layering of ideas.
I am sure of this as the fuzzier Turkey's EU membership perspective becomes, and the more Turkey distances itself from the agenda of the reforms that must be implemented to fulfill the criteria required for membership, the more frequently the country witnesses slowdowns and even regressions in the agenda for democratization and liberalization.
The short nights do make observation of fainter and fuzzier objects more difficult, but nevertheless over the next two months there will still be lots to look out for.
The fuzzy statistics on job creation got even fuzzier last week as a cabinet minister said the regime created 350,000 jobs in the last Persian year, a figure that would be only 14 percent of the published goal and much less than another official claimed had been created a few months ago.
Key barely survives, Imber a fuzzier secret, both reputations