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Now, however, "55 percent of the disabilities it covers are fuzzier intellectual disabilities short of mental retardation, where the diagnosis is less clear-cut.
DC plans leave those risks with the participant, where they are a little fuzzier and a little easier to manage .
Meanwhile, the private benefactors who were once clear about the need to fund and support HBCUs in an era of segregation are rapidly disappearing as the HBCU mandate message becomes fuzzier and fuzzier.
What's more, some of the fuzzier areas of the FCPA remain fuzzy, such as the definition of an instrumentality.
But within IT "architect" is used in a much fuzzier manner.
NASA SOLAR : Using a gradient filter on imagery captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) helped create this stunning display of sharply defined coronal loops on the sun next to fuzzier, cooler areas that are sometimes referred to as 'moss' due to their moss-like appearance.
The fuzzy statistics on job creation got even fuzzier last week as a cabinet minister said the regime created 350,000 jobs in the last Persian year, a figure that would be only 14 percent of the published goal and much less than another official claimed had been created a few months ago.
They replaced concepts of sin and grace from their message of reform with fuzzier notions of ethical living and obedience to secular authorities.
Key barely survives, Imber a fuzzier secret, both reputations
What may be slightly fuzzier in your memory were the responses to the tempestuous Gibraltarian's outburst, most of which took the standard relativistic line about how some alchemical combination of alcoholism, creativity, and being very, very tired can unaccountably and temporarily transform even the most devoted pluralist into a raving anti-Semite.
The usually clean-shaven male workers in the town's three branches of Sainsbury's are looking decidedly fuzzier.