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A fuzzy set A of X is a mapping A : X [right arrow] [0, 1], that is,
The set of all the fuzzy sets on X is denoted by F(X).
Keywords: Computer simulation, electromyography (EMG), fuzzy logic, motion intention detection, rehabilitation robotics.
Keywords: Education; Fuzzy Number; Non-Precise Data; Real Measurement Results
Loop the black fuzzy wire, leaving two-inch length at the ends, and twist.
Keywords: fuzzy logic, fuzzy ontology, classification reasoning, individual classification, fuzzy ontologies realization
Fuzzy Logix' analytics solutions combine the next generation of advanced analytics software with the latest data storage platforms which can store massive amounts of data.
The fuzzy PID controller of Brushless DC motor control system mainly focuses on its characteristics of nonlinear and strong coupling.
Choose Gaussian type as a fuzzy output membership function.
The article "Construction Project Risk Assessment Model" of the authors Zhang and Li presents the use of fuzzy mathematical theory and gray relational analysis method in the risk evaluation of construction project (Zhang, Li 2011).
Therefore, this study proposes overcoming the limitations of both the PFM and the VFH techniques by presenting a new obstacle avoidance method for mobile robots using an advanced fuzzy PFM (AFPFM).
Residuated lattices provide an algebra frame for the algebraic semantics of formal fuzzy logics such as MV-algebras, BL-algebras, and [R.