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and Craig, M., "On the use of fuzzy sets in histogram equalization," Fuzzy Sets, and Systems, 45, 271-278, 1992.
[22] Vlachos, I.K., Sergiadis, G.D., "Intuitionistic fuzzy information-applications to pattern Recognition," Pattern Recogn.
Zhang [7] initiated the concept of bipolar fuzzy sets as a generalization of fuzzy sets.
Akram [9, 10] used the concept of bipolar fuzzy sets in graph theory.
Murali [42] defined the concept of belongingness of a fuzzy point to a fuzzy subset under a natural equivalence on a fuzzy subset.
A fuzzy subset f of a universe X is a function from X into the unit closed interval [0,1], i.e., f : X [right arrow] [0,1] (see [24]).
Keywords: Computer simulation, electromyography (EMG), fuzzy logic, motion intention detection, rehabilitation robotics.
This guide explains how to apply methods using systems built by a combination of the neural network approach and fuzzy logic (neuro-fuzzy systems) to solve practical data classification problems in business.
Definition 1 (Fuzzy Number)[4]: A fuzzy number is nothing but an extension of a regular number in the sense that it does not refer to one single value but rather to a connected set of possible values, where each of the possible value has its own weight between 0 and 1.
Fuzzy hyperideals of ordered semihypergroups were investigated by Pibaljommee et al.
Fuzzy set theory in fuzzy decision making processes was first introduced by Bellman and Zadeh (1970).
fuzzy numbers instead of precise numbers, which will authenticate the reliability and appropriateness of obtained results.