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Multi-fuzzy sets [12, 13, 16] was proposed in 2009 by Sabu Sebastian as an extension of fuzzy sets [8, 26] in terms of multi membership functions.
Generalized Zadeh extension of crisp functions [24] have prime importance in the study of fuzzy mappings.
With that, this study will determine the bicep EMG signal behavior using its threshold level via fuzzy logic approach.
To overcome this problem, the idea of fuzzy sets was first introduced by Zadeh in 1965.
Twist the formed black fuzzy wires onto the yellow and black fuzzy wires that have been formed into the body of the bee to complete its form.
Several approaches have incorporated fuzzy logic into ontology languages and description logics (DLs) to build so-called fuzzy ontologies.
The Fuzzy Logix approach enables analytics to run where the data resides, whether that be in traditional database nodes or Hadoop clusters.
The basic principle of fuzzy PID controller is to input PID controller error e and error change rate [e.
Choose Gaussian type as a fuzzy output membership function and it described output to assign seven fuzzy values (NB, NM, NS, ZO, PS, PM, PB).
The research by the authors Liu and Ye presented models for comprehensive evaluating modelling of investment project risk with trapezoid fuzzy linguistic information.
2) One fuzzy rule can describe the corresponding subrepulsive force of one obstacle.
In this paper, we intend to introduce the notions of fuzzy ideals in coresiduated lattices and develop the ideal theory of coresiduated lattices.