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Pk government stating that public money was being used in stock-exchange and gabbling.
THE BLAGGER On one of your better Saturday nights Suddenly you're in his sights He's gabbling about all and sundry You begin to wish it was Sunday All the people he has known How come he's always alone?
THERE is a moment in James L Brooks's overlong romantic comedy when one of the characters stops her dinner companion from gabbling incessantly and suggests they eat in total silence.
When I met her I turned into an absolute gabbling fool, 'You are what every woman should aspire to be, you are amazing, I love you
RUK, with the endless gabbling of its leading presenters, produces a product up with which I cannot put, as somebody once said.
His eccentric appearance and gabbling enthusiasm for all things astronomical added to my pleasure.
I waited until the point of no return, took a deep breath, and exhaled the words: "Excuse me, Mr Clough", before gabbling my introductions.
OK, we were enjoying catching up after what had been eons of time and there was plenty of excited gabbling.
Passengers hoping to relax could flare up at other travellers gabbling away next to them.
But whatever authority such scholarship may claim is not personal, but represents the constitutionalism of Abraham Lincoln, who ought to have standing against the gabbling geese of law school professors.
Often unintelligible, as if gabbling his words to a Geordie cohort, this was sports punditry at its poorest.