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That's a lot of gadgety stuff in a very tiny package.
But moving from one floor of the Whitney to another, it's hard to miss the schizophrenic mood: all high-tech, gimmicky, and gadgety one minute then homemade, crafty, and funky the next.
I don't particularly like the name -- New Fangled' is a bit gadgety and not really appropriate for a serious beer.
The chips were served in those gadgety mini chip pan fryer things, which made the presentation look good and were double fried and tasty.
Made in-house by the Firebox team, the Venn diagram might not have the sexiest name in the Valentine''s Day gift catalogue, but it''s about the most personalised item with a gadgety tweak that you can find.
If golf is a short walk ruined, wearing a Garmin Approach S1 should at least give it an enjoyable gadgety edge.