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The fact that I love technology and all things gadgety helps a lot.
Quite a few, pretty cool gadgety items have been coming and going - including some state of the art gym equipment and top-notch security cameras and gear.
But, there is certainly nothing dated about the rest of the car as it is loaded with hi-tech gadgety, such 'Lane Assist', which corrects the car if you get too close to the white line, and the 'ACC Automatic Distance Control', which brakes and accelerates within a speed range set by the driver.
Will it be a cheap gadgety joke or will it reinvent how we see the tablet/netbooks sector?
Taking a "female standpoint on the consumer technology world" the site offers news and reviews on "all things gadgety.
We had been in the restaurant exactly 50 minutes; our mains were being cleared and - thanks to that whizzy, gadgety thing - we were already browsing the desserts.
After I had done all of the boring sensible stuff like making my family financially secure and investing some money, then I would have to indulge in my passion for all things gadgety.
The idea was to turn dwindling exhibitor and visitor interest into a virtue by using the lack of gadgety distractions to create a business-like arena where managers could get on with meeting, greeting and checking out the competition.
Great and gadgety, but only worth it if you'll use it outside the home.
And we also make sure we have those gadgety things, too - like onion goggles.