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COMPISS Technique: Dabney Ewin's very useful hypno-analysis technique 'COMPISS' was used to safely investigate and uncover any potential causes of the abnormal gag reflex (Ewin and Eimer) (28) this is a recent technique employed and thus aids in patient management.
The synthesis of GAG chains of proteoglycans using standard organic chemistry is problematic because the severe conditions necessary for the synthetic route tend to denature the peptide.
The gag reflex was elicited by tactile stimulation of the posterior pharyngeal wall using a cotton cover swab in sitting position.
The gag reflex is a normal healthy defence mechanism.
Forty years ago, when I worked in that show business town of Blackpool, fellow reporter Lennie Bennett produced a great scoop when he persuaded one comic to bang on the dressing room door of another on North Pier and threaten to thump him for stealing his gags.
Obama was right to reverse the gag rule in a world in which millions of impoverished women overseas lack decent health care and better lives - and far too many of die in childbirth or from botched abortions, in part because U.
He sat for the whole of the one hour and ten minutes of the meeting wearing the gag.
Forty-seven (81%) of the strips included in the study had a gag (humorous) orientation.
Gag orders can prohibit parties in a pending lawsuit from talking to the public, and they have been issued in some of the most high-profile cases: O.
HEALTH board bosses have been accused of trying to gag a family over a mum's death.
Stakeholders' consensus at a three-day meeting by the Network of Reproductive Health Journalists was that the global gag rule, which requires that any overseas organisation receiving U.