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In addition to using two gages, this method requires that the compensating gage undergoes exactly the same environmental conditions as the measuring gage while at the same time experiencing no strain.
"Eleni," Gage's account of his mother's life, was published in 1983 and became a best-seller.
"It looks as though [the RNA] is switching it from a repressor to an activator," says Gage.
The idea is that by self-consciously appropriating the vocabulary of fashion and advertising, Gage can turn these circular and self-serving narratives inside out, freeing the models from their jobs as signifiers in someone else's dream and setting them up as entrepreneurs, as it were, selling dreams of themselves on their own behalf.
Avoid rejecting good pieces or shipping bad pieces because of an inaccurate gage reading - Gage Manager tracks every possible piece of information about every gage, to ensure accurate and consistent measurement.
When you're in a manufacturing business, Gage explains, cash flow is king.
This is primarily caused by the different inspectors using the gage inconsistently, and can be minimized with proper training.
Be gentle with gages. If you're rough with gages, soon they'll be too banged-up to do their jobs.
The solution: Vu and his team determined an electronic gage would be the answer.
Automated Control Systems Tom Gage, buisness development manager 627 Hartzell Rd.
Phineas Gage died in 1861, about a dozen years after surviving a horrifying accident in which an iron rod hurtled through his face, skull, and brain.
Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gage R&R) is a procedure frequently used to assess the statistical properties of a gage and the operators who use the gage.