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At first he thought the man might be gagged, which was manifestly absurd.
He was gagged before he could give the alarm, and tied down upon the bed.
Then I threw my strength into the scale; and before many minutes we had our officer gagged and bound in his chair.
He might not have had the time to get me killed outright, but he would have had the time to get me gagged and thrown in a dungeon.
With ironical politeness Hook raised his hat to her, and, offering her his arm, escorted her to the spot where the others were being gagged.
There was I-Gos, and he dragged behind him one who was gagged and whose hands were fastened behind with a ribbon of tough silk.
It was all very flattering to me, but lying there, bound and gagged by my own prisoners, with the voices growing faint and fainter as the Reindeer slipped on through the darkness toward San Rafael, I must say I was not in quite the proper situation to enjoy my smiling future.
He bore no grudge against Bartholomew Sholto, and would have preferred if he could have been simply bound and gagged.