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My hands once free, it was a matter of minutes to loosen my legs and to take the gag out of my mouth.
He too was aroused from his studies by a tawny naked arm round his throat, by a bandage over his eyes, and by a gag in his mouth.
Trolling speed can be important both because the speed affects the depth at which your lures will run, and also because gags sometimes prefer faster or slower speeds on different days.
EMBARRASSING: Eugene Levy (top) and Jennifer Coolidge THE GANG ARE BACK: Sex gags and more sex gags
Staff tuned into the TV news as it was happening and started writing gags straight away about the events they were seeing.
You can sign up to get the 10 free gags delivered to your mobile or by email, and get the chance to help select the winners.
In connection with the acquisition, AAH acquired all of the outstanding common stock of Gags & Games in exchange for AAH common stock and cash totaling $5.
Since Gags is a clip show with no dialogue, it is well suited for a country that is home to as many different languages as India is.
The Cameraman" - Keaton's first film for MGM, made in 1928, is considered one of his funniest masterworks and offers up a feast of visual gags.
Among the possible mechanisms of diabetic microalbuminuria are decreased synthesis (10) and/or increased loss of GAGS (9,11) from the GBM.
The process of producing gags isn't as easy as it looks.