gain entry

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Unsuccessful attempt was made to gain entry into unoccupied property via the side UPVC door using an unknown implement.
The 19-year-old man had to jump two fences to gain entry, The Westerly Sun reported.
Organisers are reminding fans that although the warmup matches are free to attend, everyone must have a ticket to gain entry, ICCCricket.
A spokesperson for the Saltburn, Marske and New Marske neighbourhood police team said: "Please can we all get in the habit of checking and double checking that our vehicles are locked and not give people the opportunity to gain entry easily.
Will this year's I'm A Celebrity contestants gain entry into a new book called Who's That?
Families are being warned to be on their guard after a man posing as a waterboard official tried to gain entry into a 25-year-old's house in Forest Hall, North Tyneside.
Both players are also charged with using violence to gain entry to the property on Westwood Hall.
AFTER watching the recent documentaries about bailiffs on the television, which showed them using illegal methods to gain entry to people's homes, I was delighted to hear a bill is going through parliament to introduce new legislation on this subject.
As he broke through the third door to gain entry to where she was hiding in the bathroom, she used a pistol to shoot him in the shoulder, reported KTVL-TV (Grants Pass, Oregon).
Hilary Barte was buried in the middle of the draw, an unseeded player needing a wild card just to gain entry into the tournament.
Additionally, it allows PRIME to gain entry into the supply-constrained New York market with Marriott International's leading full service brand.
The line waiting to gain entry went on for a block.