gain knowledge

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She now did nothing but ask questions whenever I would let her, which could not be all the time, as our preservation depended largely upon the rapidity with which I could gain knowledge of the geography and customs of Caspak, and accordingly I had to ask numerous questions myself.
This RFI seeks to: Gain knowledge about e-Procurement Systems, specifically directed at Public Sectors.
As an exogenous development strategy, M&A is a direct path for a company to gain knowledge from others (Back & Krogh, 2002; Breaman, 1999).
1 : to get or win often by effort <You gain knowledge by study.
Description: Students gain knowledge of reinsurance principles; the importance of the treaty in reinsurance; the development, administration and auditing of reinsurance products; and the importance of reinsurance to the insurance industry.
Gain knowledge of what it takes to succeed as a real estate manager, potential career paths, and the types of organizations that employ real estate managers
Understanding As they gain knowledge, you will want to guide the campers into a deeper understanding of the resource.
Reading can help pass the nine, perhaps help victims take their minds off their troubles, offer some small pleasure, and provide an opportunity to gain knowledge that can help them gain a new foothold on their lives.
To create a comprehensive marketing and outreach strategy that will attract diverse Latino audiences, Byrd suggests ways to gain knowledge of your Latino community through interviews, surveys, and advisory council.
This conference will provide a forum to inform attendees about the uses of rubber modified asphalt, facilitate discussions between several industries and government agencies, gain knowledge between industries on materials and specifications and open opportunities to expand the use of rubber modified asphalt.
One of our goals is to manage the resources in FEI and FERF and package [these] in such a way so that, for example, we will offer [additional] online learning capabilities for members to gain knowledge or CPE credits at their own pace, in addition to webcasts, teleconferences, publications and more," he says.
Allowing students to gain knowledge outside the classroom enables them to use their liberal arts background of logic, ethics, sociology, history, and literature and apply it to their chosen field.