gain knowledge

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She now did nothing but ask questions whenever I would let her, which could not be all the time, as our preservation depended largely upon the rapidity with which I could gain knowledge of the geography and customs of Caspak, and accordingly I had to ask numerous questions myself.
25 officers of Armed Forces gain knowledge on various specialties in military academies of CIS countries in 2019.
The museum is open for the public where the visitors can gain knowledge about the various types of astronomical objects with the help of 2D and 3D models.
Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik has stressed that schools are for students to gain knowledge and not for political parties to misuse.
The private school authorities should, therefore, be asked to reduce their fees and syllabes, so that maximum students can gain knowledge.
The overall objective of the r&d assignment is to gain knowledge about what is needed to get more refugees to work faster where they can use their expertise.
By the aid of cheating they can gain good grades but they can't gain knowledge. Students who cheat will grow into dishonest and corrupt citizens.
Developing reading habits in students builds a strong vocabulary and nurtures creativity, allowing the student to gain knowledge and confidently speak on any topic.
While addressing the audience, Khuhro said that those festivals are very essential for students who are studying in various colleges and universities to gain knowledge. He said books would be sold on cheaper rates than the market and advised the book lovers to procure books of their choice.
Such initiatives allow auditors from both nations to gain knowledge in new concepts, which in turn, will lead to more transparency in the audit sector, he added.
MULTAN -- Mohammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture (MNSUA) VC Dr Asif Ali called upon students to read poet of the East Dr Allama Mohammad Iqbal to gain knowledge.
Participants will gain knowledge on vulnerability and possible consequences of cyber-space attacks on critical energy infrastructure through practical training, and familiarize themselves with existing crisis management models and procedures to improve capacities to counter cyber-attacks.