gain liberty

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Petilla said it is but proper to recognize the people who stood their foot to gain liberty and ensure aspiration of lasting peace and understanding.
Indeed, when institutions gain liberty, people lose it." Reinforcing the idea that conscience and religion are essentially individualistic things is surely not something the bishops want to reinforce in America's highly anti-authoritarian and uber-individualistic culture.
Although some may predict the unavoidable downfall of these regimes, there are additional factors to consider, such as Syria's intelligence, military strength, and close ties to Iran; Yemen's ongoing internal fight against extremists; and the length of the fighting required to gain liberty. Even with those caveats, the future is not looking promising to the current riding regimes.
- Dozens of Palestinians and activists were injured during the Israeli Occupation's suppress of peaceful demonstrations in the West Bank.- Haniyeh: We will not recognize Israel and we will adhere to resistance until we gain liberty.- Al-Abrash, Zhili discuss Syrian-Chinese relations.- Declaration the state of emergency in TunisiaC* al-Ghannouchi announces taking over presidency temporarily.- Lebanese circles call for forming a government that goes in line with the approach of resistance.Erdogan: Turkey will coordinate with Syria and the countries involved to solve crisis in Lebanon.- Four people killed in a car collision on Damascus-Palmyra road.R.
As I was listening to the Senate confirmation hearings for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, I heard several mentions of how President Bush plans to guide foreign states to gain liberty and freedom under democracy.