gain possession

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After due consideration she informed the Prince that the object of his search was not far distant, but that it was too difficult for him to attempt to enter the enchanted palace where she was, as the King his father had surrounded it with a thick cloud, and that the only expedient she could think of would be to gain possession of the Princess's parrot.
So I resolved to gain possession of the old woman's money and to use it for my first years without worrying my mother, to keep myself at the university and for a little while after leaving it--and to do this all on a broad, thorough scale, so as to build up a completely new career and enter upon a new life of independence.
There are many people who have employed deceit to gain possession of land.
In the game, players try to gain possession of the ball with the competitor that holds it at 5pm being declared the winner.
After King Hamad's announcement, the CDA allotted the required land to the ministry without bothering to gain possession of the land over from the local owners.
'Many original allottees have died since 1989 and their legal successors are being made to run from pillar gain possession of their plots but in vain.
The alleged grabbers Abdul Rehman and his 23 accomplices attempted to gain possession of the land from Akram.
It is difficult to comprehend how a supposedly educated and rational human being could stoop to such depths of depravity to gain possession of a ruined town.
We have had a tremendous response from off-plan buyers who are all eager to gain possession of their new dream homes, and we want to ensure we are able to hand over all units at the earliest, he added.
"On the material day, you negligently caused the nine candidates gain possession of unauthorized written material of History paper two contrary to Section 1 of the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) Act 29 of 2012," Temu read in the charge sheet.
Al Masry SC then managed to gain possession for 10 minutes; however, there weren't any clear chances of scoring a goal from either team.
They go on to explain what action the buyer must take to officially gain possession of the itema process known as "pulling."