gain the ascendancy

See: outbalance
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We had a chance to gain the ascendancy at that stage and couldn't quite manage it.
The game then settled down into a battle of attrition as both sides tried to gain the ascendancy.
Both sides looked to gain the ascendancy as the first-half entered its latter stages but it was the visitors who retook the lead as Gopperth raced through the centre before putting away Gaskell, who touched down underneath the posts.
In the second half, Germany began to gain the ascendancy.
Aldridge began to gain the ascendancy and as the forwards made more of a nuisance of themselves.
Whittingham and Aron Gunnarsson each sat too deep the whole game, enabling Leicester to gain the ascendancy.
This time round, his trip here has a special significance, for the Australians are just weeks away from a four- Test tour to India that provides both flawed teams a chance to gain the ascendancy in the ICC Rankings.
Lancaster said: "I thought our scrum began to take control and gain the ascendancy in the second half.
Both packs spent a few minutes then trying to gain the ascendancy and it was in the 31st minute of play that prop James Jones powered over for a try on the right hand side.
Murray was quick to gain the ascendancy, bringing up three break points in the third game and taking the second of them.
At the end of a second half that saw the Australians grow in confidence and gain the ascendancy in the first International Rules test of 2006, Bergin pounced for the goal that earned Ireland their first win in three attempts.
Hale says that managed VPNs will gain the ascendancy over enterprise-based VPNs as a result--but Schick disagrees.