gain the confidence of

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Haldin's end (and I cannot help thinking that it hastened it considerably), it is because the man, trusted impulsively by the ill-fated Victor Haldin, had failed to gain the confidence of Victor Haldin's mother.
Qabalan also hoped that the government will gain the confidence of the Lebanese people through fulfilling their longstanding aspirations and achieving the advancement of the national economy, as per statement.
Participants at the meeting hailed the leading role played by the Emirati police and its ongoing quest to gain the confidence of the public and maintain the integrity, accuracy and speed of response of its media.
BAGHDAD / Nina /--The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, underlined during a meeting with a local security delegation, the need to gain the confidence of the citizen in security apparatus and give him an important role in the fight against terrorist groups .
He added that the USPS "needs to, as quickly as possible, resolve the issues underlying these losses and move forward from a position of financial strength and continue to deliver mail in a quality way and gain the confidence of our customers and employees." He explained that the USPS' five-year plan, which was rolled out in 2012 and whose chief objective is to reduce annual costs by at least $20 billion by 2015, is not stagnant by any stretch and that USPS' efforts to become more efficient and customer-focused are accelerating.
IHAE Chairman Kamel Jendoubi hailed the role of members of IRAE and local units who "managed with great skill" the October 23 elections and the operations related to it, helping succeed this "rendez-vous with history" and "achieve one of the objectives of the Tunisian Revolution." "Despite the multiple difficulties faced during the electoral process and the luck of experience in the organisation of elections, IHAE and IRAE members had managed to gain the confidence of Tunisians," Mr.
He told them that his government would carry forward all the programmes of late YSR and gain the confidence of the people.
The new series begins with Adam (Tristan Gemmill, above) struggling to gain the confidence of eight new trainees as he takes on the role of clinical lead.
"Investor Relations" was published monthly and offered information designed to help insure compliance, improve shareholder value and gain the confidence of analysts and stakeholders.
But Sion ap Mihangel, prosecuting, said in interviews Jones claimed he wanted to gain the confidence of Mr Gizzi.
Although Hollywood may never let us shed the nerdy stereotype, we can continue to work together to gain the confidence of opinion leaders and lawmakers and renew the public trust.
You also gain the confidence of knowing that responsibility for day-to-day portfolio management is in the hands of experts.