gain the confidence of

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Haldin's end (and I cannot help thinking that it hastened it considerably), it is because the man, trusted impulsively by the ill-fated Victor Haldin, had failed to gain the confidence of Victor Haldin's mother.
BAGHDAD / Nina /--The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, underlined during a meeting with a local security delegation, the need to gain the confidence of the citizen in security apparatus and give him an important role in the fight against terrorist groups .
Despite the multiple difficulties faced during the electoral process and the luck of experience in the organisation of elections, IHAE and IRAE members had managed to gain the confidence of Tunisians," Mr.
He told them that his government would carry forward all the programmes of late YSR and gain the confidence of the people.
Investor Relations" was published monthly and offered information designed to help insure compliance, improve shareholder value and gain the confidence of analysts and stakeholders.
Although Hollywood may never let us shed the nerdy stereotype, we can continue to work together to gain the confidence of opinion leaders and lawmakers and renew the public trust.
With the first LMC measures expected to be launched in 2005 or 2006, and an expanded format to include current support schemes from 2007, NFUS says they must offer real potential benefits for the countryside and be practical for farmers to gain the confidence of the industry and stakeholders.
Our customers gain the confidence of knowing that Novell ensures that they can make the most of all their technology investments, no matter who the vendor.
The catcher has to have the kind of leadership ability that will gain the confidence of his pitchers and peers.
If mental health workers, now at clinics, were in combat units, the colonel said, they might gain the confidence of soldiers and help them before problems escalate.
Labour committee chairman Mr Andrew Bennett said the changes 'wouldn't save time, wouldn't gain the confidence of the public and wouldn't be acceptable to MPs'.
Another way to gain the confidence of your lender is to bring useful information to his attention, so that he can better assess the risks and returns of investing in the senior living industry.