gain time

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The podium contenders will have one last chance to gain time in the 54km time-trial from Bergerac to Perigueux, prior to Sunday's ceremonial sprinters' stage on the Champs-Elysees.
He stressed that "al-Maliki and his militia are trying to gain time in malicious ways, including the formation of committees to negotiate with the protesters in a blatant plane to buy such a traitors who will be used as a mean to suppress the protesters sooner.
This is a way used by the regime to gain time," Prince Saud told reporters in the Red Sea city of Jeddah.
The postponement has been made at the request of the regime that seeks to gain time in an attempt to mislead the mediators," he told AFP.
Author Kamenir has taken on a large topic for his first book, an important battle which helped the Russians gain time to gather forces to eventually defeat the Germans at Kursk.
Offer practical help without any hint of romantic strings attached; that way, you all gain time to let affections build gradually.
Paul Schaefer, managing member of the corporations, said he filed for Chapter 11 reorganization to gain time with his creditors, as he tries to cope with higher fuel costs and tenants slow to pay their rent.
Retreating rebels were trying to gain time by setting up booby traps under the corpses of dead comrades or planting mines on escape routes, according to the military.
The priorities, he said, were to maintain public safety, not having any early releases from prison or any additional prisoner gain time, protect programs that prevent crime or divert minor offenders into preventative programs, and maintain the court system.
Mr Brill said he suspected the freeze was an attempt by Iran to gain time and hide covert activities before allowing agency inspectors access to new sites.
However, the delay must not allow North Korea to gain time in its development of nuclear weapons.
We suppose that he is trying to gain time, maybe negotiating with other clubs, but I don't know which clubs would be pay the 12 million euros he has been on here.