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GAIN. The word is used as synonymous with profits. (q. v.) See Fruit.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Moreover, the bloc indicated that the endorsement of the 2019 state budget would help gain time to decide on the means to activate the sought reforms, highlighting the necessity to finalize the 2020 budget in the nearest time possible.
Yemen's news agency (SABA) quoted Abdulmalek as saying during a meeting with UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen Lise Grande, Houthi militias took part in Sweden negotiations to gain time and re-organize their ranks after they felt they were about to be defeated.
He said the meeting also reviewed plans to make amendments to National Service Act to make it easy for youths to gain time and find jobs, as well as amendment of the Public Order Act.
Omni Group only wants to gain time. If Omni Group wants to make a pact it should pay the bank Rs5 billion it owes.'
Omni Group only wants to gain time. If Omni Group wants to make a pact it should pay the bank Rs5 billion it owes.' At this, the Omni Group lawyer sought time from the court to submit a reply as they have to seek instructions from their client, Abdul Ghani Majeed, who is currently incarcerated in Adiala jail.
Understanding this situation, Pashinyan wants to gain time."
Mills continued to gain time on the group and then hold, but maybe he went a little too early as, with two laps to go, the other three riders had worked together to catch him - and Thompson had jumped straight off the front as soon as they caught him.
It is to gain time and re-enter the Palestinian side in futile negotiations with the same damned American care, away from any international sponsorship.
The Terms of Reference given to Mr Hamilton were designed and framed with one objective - to allow the First Minister to gain time for himself, or in Mr Hamilton's vernacular, to 'kick into touch'.
The committee was of the view that the contractor did not want to complete this project intentionally and is using delaying tactics to gain time.
"VMRO's operation with the amendments, has the goal to firstly gain time to make a bargain with BDI for early elections in late September 2018, and secondly to prevent the entry into force of the law on languages, thus pardoning BDI from responsibility by shifting the blame on VMRO.