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GAIN. The word is used as synonymous with profits. (q. v.) See Fruit.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Dubai shares index rose to 2889.81, with 20 gainers and 10 losers and 4 unchanged.
The June 2019 SWS survey of adults found 36 percent as Gainers and 22 percent as Losers, or a Net Gainers score of +13 (correctly rounded).
The decision was to wait in stifling Texas summer heat for a patrol car for an indefinite period of time, Gainer said, or take Neely to an air-conditioned staging area.
Despite inclined market activities and gainers outweighing losers, the equities market dropped and this is not unconnected to 3.04 per cent drop in price of Dangote Cement Plc.
The occupation has not only been good for business, Gainer said, but it's been a record January, normally a dead time of year for the
According to Fox News, Gainer was particularly moved by Broskey's story because it reminded him of his own mother's battle with cancer when he was in high school.
Top gainer share was (ALNAWADI), while biggest loser was (PEARL).
According to the final visual acuity, the gainer group consisted of eyes with a gain of 0.2 or more in LogMAR chart and the nongainer group consisted of eyes with less than 0.2 improvement in Log-MAR or which had worsened at the last follow-up visit.
''We have too little information on the possibility of additional shooters,'' Gainer said in an email.
It was postmarked from Memphis, Tennessee, and had no return address, Terrance Gainer, the Senate sergeant at arms, said earlier in a warning to members of the Senate.
With today's rebound, the stock has achieved close to 38 per cent gain this year, the second biggest gainer this year.