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Independent work and microentrepreneurship are a third source of gainful employment, often supported by government lending schemes.
Promote integrated, outcome-focused policies and practices that best support and enable gainful employment and self-sufficiency for individuals and families;
a program would be considered to lead to gainful employment if the estimated annual loan payment of a typical graduate does not exceed 20 percent of his or her discretionary income or 8 percent of his or her total earnings.
The British & Irish Lions definitely have gainful employment this morning, hopefully putting one over the Aussies in Brisbane, and with all respect to South Africa versus Samoa in Pretoria (live on Sky Sports 1 from 4pm should anyone care), this is the one that matters.
In 2010 61% of Armenia's households had gainful employment, in 2011 this index dropped to 59%, and in 2012 - to 58%.
While it remains unknown what will become of the gainful employment regulations, it doesn't hurt to continue operating as though the gainful employment measures are in effect by strengthening default prevention, financial literacy, counseling and other efforts to reduce borrowing and improve loan repayment.
The Prime Minister also called for generating a growth process that can provide gainful employment to all.
To qualify for federal aid, the law requires that most for-profit programs and certificate programs at non-profit and public institutions prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.
Department of Education issued a long-awaited final rule June 2 that establishes mandatory standards to insure that for-profit colleges and trade schools provide programs that prepare students for gainful employment following graduation.
MyCAA helps military spouses pursue a license, certificate, certification or Associate's Degree necessary for gainful employment in a high-demand, high-growth, portable career field and occupation.
Singh had earlier said the central government would do everything to strengthen the J& K government to provide a fair deal to the youth and generate avenues for gainful employment.
Replying to question regarding PIA selling its gainful routes, Aijaz Haroon made it clear that PIA is not selling any of its profitable routes and added that it will continue to operate on all its major routes.

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