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It will have an added advantage for the environment since the gas which is presently either being flared or released in the atmosphere adding to greenhouse effect, will now be gainfully channeled into the supply volumes.
James Johnson, an active and gainfully employed 75-year-old North Jersey carpenter, whom specialized in the installation of ceilings in commercial applications, had reportedly been in perfect health prior to his diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister emphasised that the Government of India needed to have a serious relook at its various policies which discriminate some of the States within the Special Category States as a result of which Himachal Pradesh was increasingly getting the feeling that it was being discriminated against and was paying the price for remaining a peaceful State which has gainfully utilized its limited resources for development.
Scientist said currently PCSIR is running training centres in Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar, adding all graduates are gainfully employed in various industrial and commercial sectors throughout the country and abroad.
The council gnomes have decided that freedom of choice is now limited between Mondays and Friday within the hours of 10am -2pm, a time when most full-time working people will be gainfully employed.
I HOPE they prune from the top first because that's where the most staff are not gainfully employed.
That John can cover for Joe is clear proof that neither are gainfully employed and do not have a full-time job.
I, along with any number of Midland residents and taxpayers, could point Mr Bristow to areas of our region where the manpower could be more gainfully occupied.
All were longtime residents of the Philadelphia area, gainfully employed, and apparently lacked any ties to overseas terrorist organizations.
In the short term, however, the chief is pleased that some of Ahousaht's members will be gainfully employed.
The whole family, from your account, are all gainfully employed, not scrounging scumbags who do not bother to work, and if members of his family were not holding the positions they would still be required, so the taxpayer would still be paying this amount.
The idea is to help reformed criminals get back on their feet and become gainfully employed.

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