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Firefighters say they are gaining ground against California's latest massive wildfire, which has been burning for a week above Los Angeles.
Hakim of the Inter-American Dialogue fears Bush may even "feel the need to actively oppose" Bolivia's Evo Morales and Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, whose political parties are gaining ground.
Having previously selected the FireGL V3100 for its IBM IntelliStation M Pro, ATI continues to build on its momentum in the entry-level and mobile workstation graphics markets and is now gaining ground in the high-end with this announcement of the refreshed IBM IntelliStation M Pro and Z Pro products.
But with the chemical's scheduled phase-out in January 2005, an alternative is gaining ground in museums around the world.
Bernanke, in favor of using inflation targeting as a tool in the conduct of monetary policy, has been gaining ground among outside academics and other experts to the chagrin of Fed staffers and former staffers who potentially would lose power internally in the event the Fed switched approaches.
Despite consumer bias against used products, the remanufacturers, a group made up of about 5,000 large and small operations nationwide, have been gaining ground.
Share prices on the Tokyo Stock Exchange opened sharply higher Wednesday, with tech issues gaining ground on the back of a Wall Street rise and a quarterly profit reported by U.