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has been gainsaid by a growing hostility to the principle of euro-membership.
Developments gainsaid the 1922 conditions, first by frightening the local Arab population through rapid Jewish immigration during the thirties-a time when Jews were hounded out of Germany.
But the similarity and perhaps the influence cannot be gainsaid.
On other occasions a connection is made and then editorially gainsaid.
These and many other descriptions cannot be gainsaid, but for Cantwell Smith they become theological statements; scriptures regarded as unique and transcendent by their communities are, for Smith, in reality purely human constructs.
The role of tourism in Kenya's social and economic development cannot be gainsaid.
Accused failed to indicate his itinerary during his 22-day visit in the USA as it cannot be gainsaid that he will just be staying at the address indicated in his motion,' the prosecution said.
It cannot be gainsaid that you have now reigned on hitherto runaway poaching in the country, he said.
gainsaid on Monday widely circulated reports about emerging tensions with the
Although one could not call him a philosopher, Conrad's descriptions of evil would rival that of any phenomenologist, and his teleological conception of nature and society could not be gainsaid by any student of Aristotle's Ethics and Politics.
Postmodern orthodoxy tends to abolish character, place, and action as substantial components of fiction, yet substantiality will not be so easily gainsaid.
An 84 per cent vote in support of the leader and the Shadow Cabinet cannot be gainsaid by even confirmed Europhiles like Mr Michael Heseltine an d Mr Kenneth Clarke.