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The urgency in the matter and the need to provide elected Local Governments at the grass-roots level, at the earliest, cannot be gainsaid, particularly in view of the fact that Local Government Elections have already been held in Balochistan, KPK and in the Cantonment Boards while such election in Sindh and Punjab are scheduled for mid-September, he added.
The effort teachers put in just dealing with so many kinds of individuals and different behaviors cannot be gainsaid," he said.
Moreover, Oman's stability and peace cannot be gainsaid in a region that is better known for turbulence, tensions and conflicts.
He gainsaid claims about the SCAF and security forces involvement in the bloody attack of the protesters.
China's development reflects decisions taken at the centre and the point may have arrived where the benefits of liberalisation cannot be gainsaid.
The college, however, gainsaid the students' version.
What I give above are facts that can't be gainsaid and my opinions are my entitlement.
Many who happily greeted the arrival of exchanges, would probably have gainsaid the proposition that Betfair would become as big as it has.
The impact on the national economy cannot be gainsaid.
So it is a TOTAL fallacy - absolutely and demonstrably gainsaid statistically by economic reports of all those countries mentioned above - that there will be "no noticeable contribution to the UAE's inflation.
Bunge's critique of the antirealist position is precise and direct: antirealist postmodernism, lacking a consistent methodology and rejecting any objective standard against which to test its theses, is a collection of castles in the air which are gainsaid by practical experience and good scientific practice.
That cannot be gainsaid by the Crown," said Mrs Roughton.