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If Democrats merely gainsay the voucher proposal President Bush will almost surely promote in 2004, they will appear (rightly) as educational obstructionists, and lose support among swing voters and low-income urban parents.
It would be impossible to gainsay the amount of work that went into putting this book together, but it is a pity that so much of this work was rigidly social-scientific rather than social-historical.
IN the Mecca Hurdle, David Nicholson's favourite Gainsay, ridden by Peter Scudamore, gains the upper hand in the final strides to master Michael Cunningham's Irish raider Rijoto despite coming under the full treatment from yer man Jonjo O'Neill.
No one can gainsay the valuable contributions she made to that discipline.
The author is so eminent in his role as a military historian it's difficult to gainsay his conclusions.
No one who was justly moved by Robert Duval's portrayal of interracial solidarity in "The Apostle" can gainsay the great strides many have made in the broader Evangelical camp toward overcoming the deadly divisions of skin color.
But it is difficult to gainsay majorities in the 90th percentile, 70th percentile, and even 60th percentile that were produced by a reputable polling organization as it was in this instance.
Bonanza Boy contested five Aintree Grand Nationals, finishing fifth to Seagram in 1991, but is best remembered for a remarkable last-to-first victory in the Racing Post Chase under Peter Scudamore when snatching a dramatic final-stride verdict over Gainsay.
The Crown do not seek to call evidence to gainsay that.
Surely the two titans would not gainsay that history is an imaginative construct tailored to the social context of the writing.
At a previous hearing prosecutor Alex Jacobs told the court: "We cannot gainsay what he says happened, but the Crown does not accept he is some weak and shrinking violet who was doing this under pressure.