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Now there will be gainsayers who assert that young people would be much better off investing in courses in useful things.
Its cosmological potency, firmly anchored in an immanent physical reality, vanquished all gainsayers.
The congenital gainsayers havenOt had their go yet, but to my untrained eye, this was something out of the top drawer, like a favourite pair of socks you can turn to for warmth and comfort on those cold days after the season has finished.
So when news arrived that they'd parted company with Island Records following the relatively underperforming success of Me-chanical Wonder and Crazy Lowdown Ways, the gainsayers were rubbing their hands with glee and pronouncing the end of the band.
In du Maurier's drawing (Punch, 17 July 1880), Jellaby Postlethwaite, gazing with intense satisfaction at the "freshly-cut Lily" on the table, oblivious of observers who think him strange because he sees what they don't see, is Ian Small, confidently British, seeing historical movements with some assumption of objectivity, and, indeed, writing a significant book of literary history without even acknowledging the gainsayers.
Researchers who had striven to make the case for man-made global warming were heartily tired of the gainsayers and, beyond doubt, their response was not always edifying.
To start with, I regarded these people as superficial gainsayers, seeking dubious credibility by shooting down perfectly sound ideas that had served us well for decades - like the folk who took it upon themselves to decide that Abba were suddenly good after years of being rubbish, thereby condemning us to years of easy-listening hell.
Gainsayers are likely to take little solace from this report.
It suggests there is greater robustness in the company's model than the gainsayers are suggesting.
But rather than seriously engaging with their concerns--the flooding of important archaeological sites, the displacement of populations and many more grumbles besides--he has a tendency to dismiss the gainsayers out of hand.
Of course, the real driving passion behind the film, a determination to bring it to the screen that struggled through ten years of gainsayers, belongs to its producer and star, Oprah Winfrey.