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There is no gainsaying that such contract is capable of compromising national security.
There is no gainsaying that the river has significance not only in religious and spiritual psyche of the people, but it is also a lifeline of people," the bench said.
That reference alone will undoubtedly be enough to bring Iran's radical elements down on Yunessi's head for his temerity in gainsaying precepts laid down by the founder of its Islamic Revolution.
Henry Egbiki, regional managing partner for West Africa, EY, said at a CEOs Forum, 'There is no gainsaying that the operating environment will continue to be challenging.
There is no gainsaying that he has it in him to emulate Ali Al Habsi, the Omanese goalkeeper playing for Wigan in the Premier League, and turn out to be the best ambassador for the UAE football.
Has Catholicism entered upon that humbler sense of faith, without gainsaying the deposit of faith but hearkening to Joseph Ratzinger's Glaube und Zukanfkt (1970, translated as Faith and the Future, 1971; 2009)?
They were below standard and there's no gainsaying it.
New Delhi, May 25 -- There is no gainsaying that Indian auto industry has come of age and carved out a niche for itself in global automotive space.
Pic is a little too pleased with its own evenhanded presentation of liberal moral conundrums, but there's no gainsaying Ostlund's remarkable achievement in coaxing entirely naturalistic perfs from his young core cast, which improvises the dialogue throughout.
Walker runs through the now familiar litany gainsaying American exceptionalism.
So there's no gainsaying the PM's aims, but after 10 years in the voluntary sector, my biggest fear is that we Brits have become a nation that has lost both its pride and motivation and are content to blame someone else for our misfortune instead of tackling our own problems first.
There is no gainsaying that the provisions of Article 311 have come in the way of bringing corrupt civil servants to book.