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Unfortunately, these gaiters were a bit thin, slightly noisy, and had an elastic drawstring that proved problematic.
The most important piece of desert gear is a pair of gaiters.
What makes her product so unique is that “The Obedient Pup Training Aid” is used on the dog as a stylish neck gaiter and then can be quickly turned into a pull over dog blinder preventing a visual distraction from riling up the dog.
Today, among our essential boating gear are hats, sunglasses, neck gaiters, long sleeve shirts, pants, footwear and of course sunblock.
The legislation has ripped the legs out of car donations as a viable fundraising model program for many nonprofits, including several of our local affiliates," Gaiter said.
Gaiter and John Brecher, authors of The Wall Street Journal Guide to Wine: New and Improved, think otherwise.
You can be certain a wine reviewed by Gaiter and Brecher is exactly what it is purported to be.
Nevertheless, Pascale Gaiter has just added another chapter to a dialogue that began with Sartre's study Saint Genet (1952), a text she reacts against as well as relies upon to keep this dialogue in motion.
To do this, Pascale Gaiter draws to some extent on theorists such as Helene Cixous and Judith Butler and to a large extent on the theory of camp to explore the construction of gender in Genet's writing and especially to show that his texts undermine binary oppositions.
First conceived by cofounder Seth Anderson at age 14, the Loki is one of the most versatile pieces of technical headwear on the market, acting as a cap, a facemask, a neck gaiter, or any combination of the three.
Before heading out on my own low-tech breathability test, I strapped a urethane-coated gaiter on one leg and a Gore-Tex gaiter on the other.