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Results: Twenty eight patients of empyema gall bladder underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
Ectopic liver attached to gall bladder is a rare condition due to aberrant migration during the embryological development of liver.
Cholecystectomy is commonly performed surgery in routine practice and it is difficult to diagnose distinctively benign and malignant lesions of gall bladder before surgery without histopathological examination2.
One gall bladder was in the normal location, and the second (duplicate) gall bladder was positioned flopped over the common bile duct, mimicking a dilated common bile duct.
The date of July 17 planned for removal of the gall bladder seems a long way off.
Dr Mohammad Naeem Taj has also registered his name in Guinness book of world record in the past by removing the longest gall bladder laparoscopic procedure.
A grasper inserted through port-4 was used to hold the fundus of the gall bladder and for its retraction.
Particularly from a surgical point of view, patients with gall bladder problems and peptic ulcers can show up with worsening symptoms when they eat heavy meals.
But while they were operating to remove my gall bladder they found I had a very inflamed appendix, so they were removed too.
Correlation of incidence of acute cholecystitis complications (empyema and gangrene) to male gender and to the sonographic gall bladder wall thickness more than 4.
Review of the operation notes from the LC revealed that gallstones had been left intra-abdominally since a strongly adherent gall bladder perforated during dissection from the liver bed.