gallant acts

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It said that in order to commemorate this day and to pay tributes to our Shuhada and Ghazis whose sacrifices and gallant acts instill in us renewed spirit and unabating resolve, Pakistan Navy arranged an impressive Four Dimensional demonstration of naval capabilities at PNS Qasim, Manora Karachi.
UAE's Commemoration Day on November 30, said Hamad, marks a new era of national pride, a day that reminds everyone of the martyrs' gallant acts, which exemplify bravery, dignity and loyalty.
The bars were given in recognition of further heroic and gallant acts after receiving the medal.
com)-- For their part in publicly demonstrating gallant acts of chivalry and serving as strong role models for today's young men, Matt Lauer and Carson Daly of NBC's Today Show have each been awarded the honor of "Chivalry Role Model of the Month" for March, 2014.
The Hatung La and Thag La passes are still standing tall while Nyamjang Chu and Namka Chu (rivers), which were witness to the gory conflict and the gallant acts of the Indian forces still flow as usual, whose green waters ask - Is India ready for trial of strength?
He will be honoured with the MilitaryCross - a third level military decoration awarded for exemplary gallant acts.
Do democracies wait for bloody revolutions to understand and appreciate social justice; to relinquish the spoils of ill-gotten colonial plunder; do they wait for the Third Chimurenga and gallant acts of defiance to agree to share with those to whom the land belongs?
In each case the plot turns in ways that will amuse the reader but also cause him to reflect on the futility of even the most gallant acts.