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But as canonical critics of Fletcher like Eugene Waith and Philip Finkelpearl have demonstrated, the Fletcherian canon does achieve an artistic consistency that transcends the notion of tragicomedy as a generic gallimaufry.
The most successful parts of the editor's argument trace several patterns in the work that reinforce the point that The Troublesome Reign is not a gallimaufry of disparate moods, incidents, and characters, as it has sometimes been described.
The Mockingbird in the Gum Tree: A Literary Gallimaufry.
Although highly accomplished, 2010's Goodbye Falkenburg was a bit of a gallimaufry.
London, August 27 ( ANI ): Words like notspot, ringxiety and intoxicated are among a list of 1,000 new words and phrases included in the Word Lover's Gallimaufry, a special section of the latest edition of the Chambers Thesaurus that focuses on how our language is evolving.
On the one hand, some authors inveigh against a potential gallimaufry, another mixture that 'degrades' the alleged 'purity' of literary, aesthetic or intellectual productions; on the other, we perceive a certain ambiguity about the possibility of introducing some breeches of decorum by allowing the mixing of types or styles, especially as they seem to be inevitable, to the extent that for many authors these generic mixtures appear to be acceptable.
Musicologist, radio producer, and presenter Dick Spottswood has put together an attractive Mainer miscellany, an American musical gallimaufry.
The pervasive communal atmosphere resulted in a gallimaufry of participants, somehow brought together by having helped tend a first firing somewhere, years or decades before, and catching a happy contagion leading to airline tickets and here we were.
Like Saint Paul's Athens with its gallimaufry of ideas and faith, Asheville worships a thousand gods.
That is, recovered groupings are interpretable, as opposed to consisting of a gallimaufry of genera with no meaningful connections.
She was a post-grad literature student, her doctoral thesis a strange mutant gallimaufry on literature and the imagination.