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Gallingly, the following year Bryant was awarded the British Empire Medal for his youth work.
Gallingly for Sevilla, Lionel Messi doubled the lead.
The Brotherhood owed their ascendance to those who sparked and sustained the January 2011 Revolution, a debt they gallingly speechified but never bothered to repay.
That's the tough-guy existential stance I find so gallingly melodramatic.
Sensing their street theater would evoke yawns from a demonstration-jaded public, the protesters devised a strategy so gallingly obnoxious as to ensure widespread media attention: affixed to the normal black garb of many was a yellow star inscribed with 'Jude.
I queued patiently behind him for five minutes, gallingly watching others who had arrived after me be served before me, before he was approached by a woman walking away from the till with her purchases and they left together.
Turnovers also bedeviled them, gallingly after promising openings presented themselves.
And, gallingly from a Boro perspective, we now have to sit and listen to Gordon Strachan and Gareth Southgate's words of wisdom.
The rhythmically and syntactically clumsy phrase in line 10, "incapable of help," is a perfect reflection of the workers' "shockdrunk" state, just as the six beats of line 15, three of them in the terminal trochaic phrase "never even flinched," limn the workers' brimming hatred for the cold-blooded foreman, whose gallingly prosaic speech in line 13 serves to underline his crassness.
Viewing: Oklahoma's Gallingly Paternalistic Ultrasound Law, SKATE,
Height helps: Gallingly, you can open--but not close--Audi Q7's rear hatch from the key fob.
Premiership, Sky Sports 1 midday) Gallingly for Spurs fans, it's looking more and more like their Champions League hopes depend on their hated rivals Arsenal failing rather than their own team succeeding.