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Height helps: Gallingly, you can open--but not close--Audi Q7's rear hatch from the key fob.
Premiership, Sky Sports 1 midday) Gallingly for Spurs fans, it's looking more and more like their Champions League hopes depend on their hated rivals Arsenal failing rather than their own team succeeding.
Gallingly Scott went through the same farce at his next club Notts County.
So is the split between the women who can find a crack in the facade of patriarchy to make individual gains and the women who cannot and perforce fall under the overarching control not only of men but increasingly, gallingly, of other women.
This was gallingly unfair, for Jack was a stickler for protocol and evenhandedness.
Gallingly, Chris Robinson - the man who led Hearts pounds 19million into debt and nearly to a rugby stadium - played, according to reports, a major role in Robbo's departure.
Frankenstein pleading the case of his monster, Ashcroft the other day entreated some two dozen newspaper editors, publishers, and news broadcasters to portray more "accurately" his draconian creation, the gallingly misnamed USA Patriot Act.
Gallingly for the lit-crit imperialists (especially I.
Even more gallingly, they are buying up failed cattle properties on the Peninsula and resettling clan land.
Gallingly, Enid must attend a summer school art makeup course, where Illeana Douglas' pretentious teacher praises ``meaningful'' drivel while dismissing Enid's offhandedly brilliant sketchbook entries.
Muntz, second on his own at 10 under par, is 16-1 to give the locals some fun in the sun and, more gallingly, the layers yet another golfing skinner.
And, gallingly for Gregory, Yorke and Cole have now formed a lethal double act at Old Trafford.