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GALLON, measures. A gallon is a liquid measure, containing two hundred and thirty-one cubic inches, or four quarts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Member airlines decreased minimally to 40 in 2017 (41 previously), but their share of gallonage remained the same at 97%.
* $5.1 million in additional gallonage taxes in Cuyahoga County for the Gateway Stadium Project
EPIC is funded by a voluntary checkoff type program, in which its ethanol manufacturer members contribute to a general fund, based on their gallonage.
The surge in wine sales speaks more to its own growing popularity than it does to a decrease in beer consumption, which continues to dominate in total gallonage. The trend does, however, highlight increasingly positive consumer attitudes toward wine, marked by societal influencers.
One inexperienced operator I know tried this piggy petroleum pricing, arguing that "gas prices are zooming up so much, no one will notice." He saw not only an implosion of his gallonage and in-store traffic, but also a sharp uptick in "drive-offs"--petroleum parlance for people filling up and not paying.
Everything on a pool must be sized correctly based on its gallonage. Turnover rate will determine the flow rate, which ties into the size of the filter, pump and plumbing.
at 295 (explaining that Standard sold 6.8% of the market's total gallonage through company-owned stations).
Taxes on motor fuel are levied on a gallonage basis, but due in part to increased vehicle fuel efficiency, taxes do not keep pace with rising highway construction costs.
You can use a formula to figure the approximate gallonage. But it's best to get the actual gallonage when you next fill the pool, Osinski says.
The GIS is based on a relational database system that integrates extensive data resources on dispersal of herbicides (e.g., HERBS records of Ranch Hand aircraft flight paths, gallonage, and chemical agent), locations of military units and bases, dynamic movement of combat troops in Vietnam, and locations of civilian population centers.
Gas stations, where the sales price is clearly related to the gallonage sold, are another.