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GALLON, measures. A gallon is a liquid measure, containing two hundred and thirty-one cubic inches, or four quarts.

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Once you know your soil type and have identified your plants, decide on the correct gallonage and number of emitters for each plant.
Bottled Water Market Gallonage by Water Type and Distribution 2002 - 2012 -- U.
The products ordered do not have to be registered for sale within the state and there is no gallonage limit.
Frozen OJ Revenues Slide With Price Cuts, While Gallonage is Below 40% of Universe
For April the gallonage drop was just short of three million, approximately 44 percent.
The summary also notes, "A converted gallonage tax to raise the same amount of revenue as existing taxes would be the highest in the nation for wine, and for spirits would rank 14th.
It reveals that a category's performance in dollar volume is not necessarily identical to its rank in the amount of product gallonage introduced into the market.
Finally having the ability to manage our distributor network in one digital environment, automate product registrations and COLA management, and seamlessly produce price postings and gallonage reports makes a big difference for our business.
ExxonMobil reported that its gross gasoline gallonage was 24.
5% of the MFET on the total gallonage of all fuels consumed on turnpike projects for debt service use in the event of a shortfall.
1 ranking in total gasoline sales in the United States as the company reports its gross gasoline gallonage was a little more than 21 billion.