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GALLON, measures. A gallon is a liquid measure, containing two hundred and thirty-one cubic inches, or four quarts.

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1 million in additional gallonage taxes in Cuyahoga County for the Gateway Stadium Project
Everything on a pool must be sized correctly based on its gallonage.
Taxes on motor fuel are levied on a gallonage basis, but due in part to increased vehicle fuel efficiency, taxes do not keep pace with rising highway construction costs.
For proposed construction appraisal assignments, the appraiser should ask fuel wholesalers what their projections of the subject property's gallonage are.
HERBS records of Ranch Hand aircraft flight paths, gallonage, and chemical agent), locations of military units and bases, dynamic movement of combat troops in Vietnam, and locations of civilian population centers.
Petrol filling stations have also achieved reductions in rateable value approaching 30%, with rates based on gallonage sold.
Gas stations, where the sales price is clearly related to the gallonage sold, are another.
Leading flavors as a percentage of overall gallonage share are listed below:
Fuel computers have been augmented by a Fuel Delivery Sentry that monitors and records existing levels at the time of delivery and the gallonage delivered by the oil supplier.
Though this category represented only 19 percent of the state's table wine gallonage, it generated 44 percent of winery table wine revenues, says the report.
Effective March 1, 1997, commercial gallonage is also exempt from the supplemental tax instead of the current credit the taxpayer can take against the supplemental tax.