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Rochester galloped at her side; the two rode a little apart from the rest.
When I peered through the door of the cave I saw this: on the floor of the cave lay a she-wolf panting, as though she had galloped many a mile; she was great and fierce.
Having thus spoken, he galloped off with his followers.
He turned and galloped (a seal can gallop very swiftly for a short time) back to the sea; his little new mustache bristling with horror.
In the evening, while the Princess, with her mother and sisters, was standing at the window, the Prince suddenly galloped past on his steed and threw her the golden apple.
Monsieur d'Albon mounted his horse at once, and galloped to the old abbey.
Though Penelope galloped, Mademoiselle Cormon, absorbed in thoughts of her trousseau and the wedding-day, declared again and again that Jacquelin made no way at all.
The entire cavalcade then turned and galloped away toward the range of hills in the distance.