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Having a gallstone also causes back pain and severe pain in the right shoulder of the patient.
The most common gallstone spillage related complication is abscess formation accounting for 60% of complications [10].
To further understanding of the connection between BMI and gallstone risk, a team led by Dr.
The reason for the late diagnosis of the disease is that the early disease is quite indistinguishable from the benign gallstone disease and that the non-specific clinical features of the disease disguises its early presentation.
At least one gallstone was obtained from each patient, and the gallstones were stored in normal room conditions.
2002 [6] Literature search comprising 91 cases of gallstone spillage Sathesh-Kumar et al.
The high rate of gallstones in obese children and adolescents may surprise pediatricians because gallstone disease is generally regarded as an adult disorder.
Children and adolescents who are obese or overweight are more likely to suffer gallstones than children with a normal body mass index, according to (http://xnet.
1-9) Subsequent inflammatory change in the gallbladder predisposes the gallstone to wear its way into the gastrointestinal tract, creating a fistulous connection to the adjacent bowel.
Endoscopic treatment of gastric outlet obstruction cause by a gallstone (Bouveret's syndrome) after extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy.
b) Age: Age also appears to have an effect on the incidence of gallstone disease.
Cholecystitis a Risk Gallstone blockages can resolve themselves, with stones spontaneously moving out of the bile duct and into the intestine.