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6Hz Galvanic skin response (GSR) measures the conductance of the skin in response to discrete stimuli Respiration 25.
Mechanism and Measurement of the galvanic skin response.
Galvanic skin response was recorded as an index of generalized sympathetic response.
Again, Andrew's galvanic skin response and heat flux increased and stayed elevated throughout the game.
These strips connect to the device's internal circuitry, which senses the user's galvanic skin response (GSR).
This raw data includes measurements of heat flux, skin temperature, motion and galvanic skin response.
Visitors to the stand can also benefit from our Galvanic Skin Response display and demo which highlights the flexible and the customizable sensor platform.
The device is expected to come with a GPS sensor, microphone, ambient light sensors, UV sensor, an accelerometer and galvanic skin response sensors.
The sensors used in this instance were outdoor temperature and humidity, ambient light, GPS, an accelerometer, heart rate, and galvanic skin response (GSR).