game of chance

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According to HMRC, a game of chance is defined as a game of pure chance -such as roulette -or a game of chance and skill combined, where a player cannot eliminate chance unless by using "superlative" skill.
It's a game of chance with the same rules of fortune which exempt some people from cancer and others from landing the jackpot.
The text's supernal game of chance is echoed in Some Night Action, 1993--its multiple parts include a sinuous aluminum "slide" that empties onto a low, circular platform mapped with constellations and riddled with circular holes.
Contract notice: Production and broadcasting of the televised drawing of the winning numbers from the game of chance NovoLoto7/34.
Sportech claims the competition - where punters try to place the ball missing from a football action photo - is a game of chance which should not be subject to VAT.
State election rules call for a game of chance to settle ties.
Demand for gambling is on the rise, but your ventures in the stock market need not be a game of chance.
1952: Some 23 dock labourers were each fined 10 shillings - and another docker 20 shillings - at Liverpool city magistrates court, after pleading guilty to unlawfully playing a game of chance with dice and coins at North East Canning Dock.
Because lately, Pac-10 football seems to be a game of chance.
Game Show Network, the 24-hour cable network devoted exclusively to game shows and interactive game play, has ordered 65 episodes of Russian Roulette, the ultimate game of chance, produced by Columbia TriStar Domestic Television (CTDT).
McDaniel said the only restrictions are that a program doesn't endorse a product or service, doesn't feature a lottery or game of chance, and doesn't include material that could be deemed ``obscene'' in court.