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00 1 GAMESOME M Barzalona (6-1) 2 Speedfiend P Cosgrave (5-1) 3 Makhfar William Buick (1-2 Fav) 10 ran 3 7 O Stevens Tote: win PS10.
51) Getting closer to the desire for quiet stasis in his lyrics, Donne writes from Mitcham to his friend Henry Goodyer, "I write from the fire side in my Parler, and in the noise of three gamesome children; and by the side of her, whom because I have transplanted into a wretched fortune, I must labour to disguise that from her by all such honest devices, as giving her my company .
He is the most gamesome and light-hearted of all the whales, making more gay foam and white water generally than any other of them.
in game' in the company of lords and ladies, who honoured him as though he really were one, but he retained this status for just 'twelve gamesome days', whereas, Davies concludes lamely, for real sovereigns the role is permanent and carries responsibilities (II, 18).
Byatt, Peter Wolfe, Frank Baldanza, Rubin Rabinovitz); a second phase (1980s) that rejected this early orthodoxy (Richard Todd, Guy Backus, Lorna Sage) and led to a new orthodoxy, Peter Conradi's view of Murdoch as a moral psychologist; and a third phase (1987-95) that read her in terms of postmodernism, variously focusing on issues such as gender, gamesome self-reflexivity, dialogicism, and the carnivalesque (Elizabeth Dipple, Deborah Johnson, and Heusel herself).
Wilson is particularly interested in theoretical aspects of play, make-believe, gamesome discursive acts and works of the imagination.
This mixture, in the passage cura footnote, of (implied) author and narrator, dramatic voice or lyric self and artist-citizen, passes onto a gamesome (ludic) plane beyond any concern per se with representativity of Sao Paulo.
Certainly he is playing around, but there's a big Russian history, of gamesome authors.
Camp still flies under the radar of straight Laramie: heterosexuals didn't wink when the golden anniversary commemorative booklet of the university union featured a sailor flanked by two gamesome cowboys, circa the 1940s, with the caption "Come alongside cowboys .
Some gamesome wights will tell you that they have to plant weeds there, they don't grow naturally; that they import Canada thistles; that they have to send beyond seas for a spile to stop a leak in an oil cask; that pieces of wood in Nantucket are carried about like bits of the true cross in Rome; that people there plant toadstools before their houses, to get under the shade in summer time; that one blade of grass makes an oasis, three blades in a day's walk a prairie.
In other words, the actor, in performing a character in disguise, presents a playful version of his own metier, a gamesome performance of his own competence in counterfeiting images of both identity and transformation.
Withered boughs grotesque, Stripped of their leaves and twigs by hoary age, From depth of shaggy covert peeping forth In the low vale, or on steep mountain-side; And, sometimes, intermixed with stirring horns Of the live deer, or goat's depending beard,-- These were the lurking Satyrs, a wild brood Of gamesome Deities; or Pan himself, The simple shepherd's awe-inspiring God