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Master, we know thy sign: A mystery of hues world-without-end; And hide-and-seek of gamesome and divine; .
Wilson is particularly interested in theoretical aspects of play, make-believe, gamesome discursive acts and works of the imagination.
Certainly he is playing around, but there's a big Russian history, of gamesome authors.
Some gamesome wights will tell you that they have to plant weeds there, they don't grow naturally; that they import Canada thistles; that they have to send beyond seas for a spile to stop a leak in an oil cask; that pieces of wood in Nantucket are carried about like bits of the true cross in Rome; that people there plant toadstools before their houses, to get under the shade in summer time; that one blade of grass makes an oasis, three blades in a day's walk a prairie.
Owing to production problems, the volume's last contribution, |SGGK and the fourteenth-century interlude' by Victoria Weiss, is sliced off mid-sentence on a hyphen -- but not before she has glossed Arthur's projection of the Green Knight as an interlude-player with interesting chronicle evidence about an entremet in which |blood-spattered squires' interrupted Edward I's marriage banquet with rehearsed challenges both gamesome and serious.
Obviously if the high numbers have the best pace to chase, Watchable is going to be in trouble and I have no idea which side will be favoured, but so far this week those racing on the near side have generally been struggling and for that reason I suggest having a few quid on another drawn low - Gamesome for Olly Stevens.
and if by chance they should hear of it, they only grin at it, and repeat gamesome stuff about "spouters" and "blubber-boilers," and such like pretty exclamations Why it is that all Merchant-seamen, and also all Pirates and Man-of-War's men, and Slave-ship sailors, cherish such a scornful feeling towards Whale-ships; this is a question it would be hard to answer.
Hetta Stevens, wife of Olly Stevens, trainer of Gamesome He came back really well last time, which was the main thing.
Mark Amerika's first novel, The Kafka Chronicles, functioned as an extended discharge of stylistic static, an anti-narrative as mind-altering drug laced with gamesome puns, rabid politics, good old deconstructive entertainment, and rambling samples of rock lyrics, hiphop rhythms, pop film references, nasty taboos, vegetarian vocabulary, and vogue street talk - all centered on an amorphous search for self-discovery in a cosmos of copulation, control, and selfless Baudrillardian schizophrenia.
We have two qualifiers in the big sprint at Ascot -- GAMESOME and Humidor.
00 The forecast was for prolonged and heavy rain last night and into this morning and that will be bad news for a few of today's runners at HQ, but not for Gamesome, a wide-margin winner on easy ground last season.
55 Pacify HORSES TO FOLLOW Almodover, Ashadihan, Balty Boys, Beautiful Romance, Bold Lass, Code Red, Dawaa, Eagle Top, Earth Drummer, Eastern Angel, Edgar Balthazar, Famous Kid, Fireglow, Flight Officer, Found, Gamesome, Hakam, Humidor, Indigo, Kingfisher, Latharnach, Lucida, Madeed, Moonrise Landing, Mustaaqeem, Mutarakez, Postponed, Pretend, Ray Ward, Revolutionist, Royal Birth, Salateen, Soverign Bounty, Spanish Squeeze, Squats, Touchline, Tutu Nguru, Vert De Grece, White Bullet, Zannda.