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He said, some of it, but the rest was out of pirate-books and robber-books, and every gang that was high-toned had it.
he then said, addressing his gang, ``this purse is embroidered with Hebrew characters, and I well believe the yeoman's tale is true.
He came at length to where a steep rock intervened between him and the gang, for he saw the light of their lantern shining up against the branches of the trees on the other side.
I was behaderin' round wid the gangs on the 'bankmint - I've taught the hoppers how to kape step an' stop screechin' - whin a head-gangman comes up to me, wid about two inches av shirt-tail hanging round his neck an' a disthressful light in his oi.
They have secured the whole gang with the exception of him.
The Randall gang were arrested in New York this morning.
He tried to get one of the Sagoths to move the girl up ahead of him in the slave gang, but the fellow only poked him with his spear and told him that he had selected the girl for his own property--that he would buy her from the Mahars as soon as they reached Phutra.
When the last of the gang, including the two howling culprits, had passed out through the compound gate, Sheldon sank down half- fainting on his couch.
And, of course, Cheese- Face had picked on him again, and there was another fight that was indeterminate, because at quarter to four the door of the press- room was thrown open and the gang of boys crowded in to fold their papers.
He was a good axe-man, and later he was put in the bridge-building gang.
So White Fang hung around the landing with the disreputable gang of Indian dogs, waiting for steamers.
They went deliberately, stopping to see what each gang was doing, as if they were on an ordinary round of inspection.