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As the unwilling returnees approached the gangplank one by one Thursday morning, Malaysian police officers searched their purses and pockets, removing any items, as one official said, with which they might ``hurt themselves or others.
The first two people up the gangplank helped perform the opening ceremony because of their links with Britannia.
Crewman Muir Cunningham, 46, fell to his death from a gangplank after a night out in April.
The White Star Line had proclaimed the Titanic the "unsinkable ship," a claim that caused Hart's mother such apprehension that even as they walked up the gangplank, her daughter later recalled, she renewed her warning that calling a ship unsinkable was "flying in the face of God.
Invincible will not be open to the public because she is not moored alongside the shore,but many of the other ships - which have come from Poland,France, Germany,Norway,Belgium and Holland - will put down the gangplank for visitors.
On queue, the horse and goat emerged from a large horsebox together and bounded up the gangplank into the back of the huge freight plane.
Invincible will not be open to the public but many of the other ships will put down the gangplank for visitors.
Cork was 15 when she stepped down the gangplank of a sailing ship onto Ellis Island, gateway to America.
South Wirral League clubs featuring in this Saturday's WirralFA Junior Cup third round include Bebington Athletic, who entertain Bird in Hand,and Mersey Ferries who will be putting out the gangplank out for strongly fancied Cup favourites Moreton.
The 27-year-old ran down the gangplank and immediately popped the question to Danielle Cotton, to the delight of the crowd of family and friends who had lined the jetty to greet the Type 45 destroyer.
Anything less than outright victory and it's the gangplank for him.